We offer vaccinated and beak-trimmed day-old chicks for your poultry business.

Holland Akokor grows broiler and layer chickens under the care of our farm experts. We have a variety of day-old chicks available for you. We have also debeaked all our chicks through laser as well as vaccinated them against:

  • 1st Newcastle/Hitchner B1
  • Gumboro
  • Infectious bronchitis
  • MaRisk
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    Lohmann Brown Classic

    This type of chicken is known for its stable egg production and unmatched eggshell strength. These chickens produce an attractive brown egg with a strong shell breaking up to 35 Newtons of force. If you want a persistent egg production and ensure quality and saleable eggs, then this is the right one for you.

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    Lohmann White LSL

    Just like the Lohmann Brown Classic, this chicken produces a number of eggs in a year. It also produces strong eggshells, which can break up to 40 Newtons of force. The Lohmann while LSL produces attractive white eggs with strong shells, necessary for enduring long travels of transporting your products.

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    Hyline Brown

    Hyline Brown is the top choice of many farm owners. This chicken can produce dozens of quality and saleable brown eggs with less feeding. It’s also known for its livability and persistence in egg production. As a farmer, this chicken is a great choice to maximize your profits and reduce feeding costs.

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    Hyline White W36

    Many farmers choose the Hyline White 36 as it produces hundreds of quality white eggs throughout its lifetime. Its eggs are also known for their solid content. This chicken has the reputation of the lowest cost egg producer. Its efficiency in laying eggs makes it a top choice to optimize profits for any farm owner.


Ensure your profitability!. If you have more questions about our day-old chicks, don’t hesitate to reach us out. You can also schedule an appointment with our consultants to help you with your concerns, or you may use our contact form to send us your message.

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