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The poultry industry is a lucrative business and multifaceted involving several value chain actors. Most of these value chain actors are para-actors of the poultry industry yet untapped. However, it involves a lot of things to consider, including product choice, animal feed and aftersales technical support to achieve the desired productivity.

Holland Akokor offers the best day-old chicks and animal concentrates in our country. We consistently comply with international standards and guidelines to ensure quality in all our services. With the help of our experienced Poultry specialist both local and international, we provide our clients with an array of products to help them sustain their poultry businesses. We also offer consultation services to guide them through every step of running their operations.

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Layer Concentrates

Ensure your hens’ stable and sizeable egg production with the most refined layer chicken feeds in the industry.

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Broiler Concentrates

Our broiler feeds contain specially-formulated ingredients to maximize the production of high-quality chicken meat.

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Day Old Chicks

We have a variety of layer day-old chicks, which have been vaccinated against common diseases and beak trimmed.

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We have more farm products available to you. Learn more about your options.

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Mission Statement

Holland Akokor is an organization that believes in the value chain of the poultry industry. We believe in a simple agenda and strategy that says, “Together we grow; together we enjoy.”

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