Poultry Products and Animal Feeds in Ghana
  • From a Mission Shared to Changes That Absolutely Matters

    Our core target and focus are to make an impact by maintaining our reputation as the best quality poultry supplier and farming counselor in the Ghana. Without dreams, there are no pacesetters. As such, we dream of uplifting Ghana’s poultry industry to enviable strata. Our capital is our skilled and motivated staff, who are at the forefront of what we do. Furthermore, we remain realistic and confident in our vision. Therefore Holland Akokor is more than Day-Old chicks and feed supplier.

    About Our Feeds

    Holland Akokor is keen on resolving early chick mortality through the use of quality Prestarter mash for our Day old Chicks. It should be noted that the first 5weeks of a chicks life is crucial. Feeding chicks with the right feed of quality ingredients at right proportions is ideal for proper early chick growth. In Holland Akokor we present, pre-starter of high quality that are in crumbs or are pelleted. This enable the chicks to obtain the required feed nutrients at the right proportions. The Holland Akokor Superior Pre starter is presented in pellets of > 2mm. this is ideal for both Layers and Broilers. This Prestarter is formulated to enable birds have a good start, it is easy to eat and digest to give the birds strong immunity against most early day disease conditions.

    Why Use Holland Akokor Superior Prestarter?

    • To give birds strong and good start
    • Stimulate high feed intake
    • Chicks can digest easily
    • Gives chicks uniform growth
    • Strengthen the immunity of the chicks

    Holland Akokor 5% Layer Concentrate

    Layers are mainly produced for their eggs. Quality egg definitely stem from quality feed and chicks. Holland Akokor gives exactly the birds requirement for quality and higher egg count of not less than 94%. With state of the art research technology, ingredients used for production of feed is carefully selected to give the optimum results. Vitamins and Amino acids used ensure that birds lay for longer periods, quality and strong eggs with the golden yellow yolk rich in energy and minerals.

    Why Use Holland Akokor 5% Layer Concentrates?

    • Improve feed intake for optimum egg count
    • Reduce production cost and higher feed efficiency
    • Render birds higher resistance to diseases
    • Quality eggs
    • Longer laying

    Holland Akokor Broiler Concentrates(HABC)( 35%, 30%, 25%)

    Broiler production is made easy with the help of HABC. The concentrate is made to suit the birds needs. Formulation of the feed is equally made easy. The HABC inclusion rates could be varied to suit the age of the birds. With the improved broilers breed growth per day could be 50gm in a good condition.

    Why use HABC?

    • Excellent feed conversion efficiency
    • High liveability
    • Improved digestion
    • High meat quality

    Holland Akokor is committed to providing absolute feed solution for its numerous farmers in Ghana. The capital of this company had been invested in the experienced staff to unravel and make the poultry industry better by assisting farmers and providing quality feed yet at reduced cost. Feeding is an important aspect of raising chickens for either layers or broilers. Throughout the world, animal feeds cost is about 60%-65% of the total production cost. Hence, in running a poultry business, the choice of right feed plays an essential role.

    Our poultry feed ingredients include energy concentrates, such as corn, barley, and other milling-by-product. It also includes protein like soybean, safflower, sunflower seeds, rapeseeds, and corn in their right proportions.

    Other additives are also available in our feeds to support our chickens’ metabolic process. Vitamins such as B2, B3, B6, B12, and D3 are added to prolong the health of the chickens as well as longevity of laying. Calcium and other relevant minerals are equally added.

    Phytase, an enzyme that increases the availability of phosphorus in feeds, is important. The digestibility of phytate phosphorus can be increased when supplemental phytase is included. Much of the phosphorus in poultry diet is unavailable to chickens because it is bound in phytate. Phosphorus promotes bone strength and eggshell strength. Phytase also provides additional benefits of releasing nutrients other than phosphorus, especially energy and protein, which allow for a reduction in the amount of high-value ingredients in the complete feed.

    Yolk color is one of the main criteria used by consumers to judge the quality of the eggs. Consumers in most parts of the world prefer golden yellow yolks. A well-pigmented yolk comes from a healthy hen. The type of feed determines the presence of “golden yolk” pigments in eggs. When birds feed on yellow maize or carophyll-rich foods, they can produce golden yolk eggs.

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    Our Mission

    Holland Akokor is an organization that believes in the value chain of the poultry industry. We believe in a simple agenda and strategy that says, “Together we grow; together we enjoy.”

    Our Vision

    Holland Akokor envisions an Africa where people who engage in poultry, as a source of livelihood, can contribute to the seemingly high unemployment rate among the youth and lead toward prosperity for all. We also strive to produce quality poultry products to ensure better health in our community and promote food security for the next generation.

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