Specially-formulated feeds to improve your hen’s egg production
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If you manage a poultry business, you have to pay attention to the quality and number of eggs your hens produce in a year. By ensuring a stable egg production, you can maximize your profits and reduce unnecessary costs, such as switching from one type of animal feed to another. To make your layer hens capable of laying high-quality eggs, choose the right feeds for them.

At Holland Akokor, we have specially-formulated concentrates to improve your layer hens’ number and quality of eggs produced. We partner with the finest manufacturers to ensure our customers only get the highest quality of layer concentrates. We have an array of layer feed products that contain essential nutrients to promote better egg production, including:

  • Layer Concentrate 20%
  • Layer Concentrate 5%

In most cases, birds (including chickens) start to lay eggs at five months of age until their twelfth month. However, egg production may start to decline during their molting period. Thus, a typical egg production lasts for 17 months. And there are three major stages of egg production:

Stage 1: Brooders (0-8 weeks)

In this stage, small chicks must be kept away from layer chickens in brooder houses.

Stage 2: Growers (9-20 weeks)

This stage is a crucial point of raising layer hens. You can either let your growers stay in a brooder house or a separate facility away from small chicks. From their 17th to 20th week of age, you must closely monitor their development as their reproductive organs start to develop.

Stage 3: Layers

Growers aged 18 months and older are transferred to a layer house to prepare them for the layer cycle. Typically, chickens lay eggs in a one-year period from their 21st to their 72nd week.

When raising a layer hen, you can seek help from our experts at Holland Akokor. Apart from our reputable layer hen feeds, we also conduct poultry consultations to guide you through the entire egg production process.

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