Supporting your broilers’ development with the right nutrients
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Feed management involves crucial planning, especially for the first stages of an animal’s life. For broiler chickens, the first four days of their lives determine their future performance and growth. Thus, as a farmer, you must support your broiler in this stage to allow them to develop healthily. And you can start by feeding them with our broiler pre-starter mash.

Our pre-starter feeds contain essential vitamins from wheat/corn, soybeans, soy proteins, and animal plasma to support your broilers’ development of their internal organs. We added necessary nutrients to our feeds lay a strong foundation for your broilers, including phytase, antibiotics, calcium, lysine, phosphorus, methionine, crude protein, and crude fiber. With the right feeds, your broiler chicks can not only have a stable growth but also prevent potential diseases.

Our broiler pre-starter mash aims to:

Lay a strong foundation and support immunity

The development of the immune system in birds starts in the embryo until their first weeks after hatch. Broiler chicks develop their immunity after their first week when there’s a rapid production of leucocytes or white blood cells, a blood component responsible for fighting against bacteria and viruses. However, their natural immunity development can be better supported with the specially-formulated pre-starter feeds.

Improve gut development

During the broiler’s first two weeks of life, the gastrointestinal tract grows much faster than the rest of the organs. This development is responsible for the rapid weight gain in broilers. Thus, choose the feeds that promote gut development. Our pre-starter mash contains high protein to help your broiler maintain normal body temperature and probiotics to fight harmful bacteria.

Improve uniformity

Ensuring that all your broilers grow healthily is an essential aspect of a poultry business. As such, you should maximize your feeding carefully during their first stages of life. With our pre-starter feeds, you can ensure stable broiler production and performance.

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