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Chicken meat is one of the most in-demand food products across the globe. As a poultry farmer, you must engage yourself in the competition and optimize your profit. To produce quality chicken meat, feed your broilers with the concentrates that contain the right nutrients to help them grow faster.

We work with reputable manufacturers for our broiler feeds, which contain necessary nutrients to grow your broilers fast and healthy, including energy-boosting substances, protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus, sodium chloride, and vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, we consistently observe international standards to maintain the quality of our products.

Feeding your broilers involves a systematic process. From small chicks to grown broilers, you must pay close attention to their growth. The following is a simple guide to allow you to feed your broiler chickens effectively:


Small broiler chicks need to be separated in a broiler house from three to five weeks. Keep them in the broiler house until they feather out and adjust to external temperatures.


Small chicks need broiler starter concentrates during their first four weeks. Your feeds must contain 20 to 23% protein. Beyond four weeks, you can start feeding your broilers with finisher concentrates that contain 19% protein.

Moreover, choose the feeds that contain medications to fight certain diseases like coccidia infections.


For broiler chicks, provide them with access to water at all times. You can choose from a variety of watering equipment for birds.

Disease Prevention

You wouldn’t want your customers to consume unhealthy meat products. Hence, feed your broiler carefully. Experts suggest feeding the birds with only 90% of their daily eating capacity. This way, you can prevent ascites in your broiler chicks. Ascites is a heart disease in small chicks caused by complications in the birds’ systems due to feeding issues.

To better guide you through preventing diseases in your chickens, you may seek help from our consultants. We can help you understand the right process of feeding your broilers as well as choose the right feeds for them.

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