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The Ross 308 is the leading broiler breeder in the world. With its unparalleled and renowned performance in the broiler house, many farmers choose this chicken to maximize their profits. The Ross 308 meets all requirements a farmer would look into a broiler type: genetic size, product performance assurance, and a network of global distribution.

This chicken type has a high hatchability rate, which ensures your broiler meat production is stable. As a farm owner, the Ross 308 is a cutting-edge broiler that offers several advantages, such as:

  • Large, strong breast and legs
  • Ensures feed conversion
  • Longer livability
  • Strong market demand
  • Excellent liveweight

Not only Ross 308 does offer benefits to business owners but also consumers. For chicken meat lovers, this chicken type is a popular option by many restaurants, including large corporations, to serve to their customers. One can enjoy the unmatched size of its meat, especially if properly raised and fed. A growing number of individuals prefer this type of chicken meat because it is more cost-efficient. As a farmer, you can take advantage of this chicken’s popularity among the public. You can grow a lucrative business out of this product.

Just like the rest of our chicken products, we also make sure our Ross 308 receives proper vaccination and feeding. We constantly monitor its growth before we place them on sale. Hence, with this chicken, you can come up with classic finished chicken meat to cater to your customers.

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