Dealing with heat stress

In the advent of heat stress experienced by our gallant farmers, the following could be considered to restore the normalcy of our birds.

  1. Do not feed birds too late in the day or when the sun is high up. Thus, after 9:00am or 10:00am. This should be done to reduces stress and severe panting of the birds. This might also make the birds restless.
  2. If possible, ensure that the ammonia emitted from the litter is less or near negligible (thus if possible change litter but do that in the evening after sunset or near sunset to avert restlessness).
  3. If your litter is clean and new adopt aerosolised spraying of water on the  birds at peak-hot hours to de-stress birds.
  4. If possible, drop clean ice-blocks in the source of water of the birds to enable them cool off.
  5. Add Glucose C or anti stress to thier water to help maintain electrolyte balance in the body to improve rehydration

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chickens in a farm